cropped-logo3-3.png             The Wolf With a Keyboard is a lifestyle blog which I created as a creative outlet in order to talk about issues important to a modern man, as well as to present my creative writing which consists mostly of poetry and weird fiction. I hope to tackle issues such as how a modern man should face the trials of life and emerge victorious, and how we can defend masculinity, the virtues it stands for, and our right to live like man before us did and to grow into the strongest versions of ourselves.

   You can view all of the article on the Blog page, but they are also separated by topic into the following pages:

Masculine Mindset – Where we talk about the importance of modern masculinity and howto develop the ancient masculine virtues that are still important in the modern day.

Productivity – The articles here talk about the methods and techniques on how to be a productive and successful man, without being overwhelmed or overworked, as well as about how to avoid stress in our lives.

Stoicism – Here you can find the writing on stoicism, how to be the stable stoic man and why is it important to follow this ancient philosophy in the modern age.

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