Benefits of Being Alone | A Stoic’s Guide to Loneliness

When a man spends time with himself, he comes to know and appreciate himself more. When meeting a new acquaintance, we often undervalue them because we know so little about them, once we sit one-to-one with that person, and we get to know them a little better, their true value and virtue is revealed to us, and they might even become so dear to us that we may call them friends, thus this also happens to ourselves, the less time we spend alone with our own self and our own thoughts, the less we value ourselves, and by spending time alone we get to know ourselves better and to see and judge our own virtues and sins to our own standards, thus we become more dear to ourselves and our own inner-self becomes our friend.

Candlelight | A Mindful Meditation

The last rays of the sun's radiant light shun over the dim horizon, mixing with the thick fog of the countryside to create a strange and almost supernatural red haze. I sat in my shelter on the hilltop, my entire day was spent in silent reflection, in deep and mindful meditation in which great visions … Continue reading Candlelight | A Mindful Meditation