Live For the Thrill of the Fight, Enjoy the Daily Struggle

f we few who are dedicated to being the best men we can be really wanted to live up to the greatness of our forefather, we must learn to embrace the struggle and go not only a step, but a mile beyond where every other man falls from exhaustion. The effort that we put into our work doesn't always pay itself back. But the very act of putting so much effort into the daily struggle of our lives, into our work, our hobbies and even our thoughts creates from as better man who can endure more without being broken, and so plants in ourselves the seeds of success, those being good discipline, motivation, mindset and work ethic.

Benefits of Being Alone | A Stoic’s Guide to Loneliness

When a man spends time with himself, he comes to know and appreciate himself more. When meeting a new acquaintance, we often undervalue them because we know so little about them, once we sit one-to-one with that person, and we get to know them a little better, their true value and virtue is revealed to us, and they might even become so dear to us that we may call them friends, thus this also happens to ourselves, the less time we spend alone with our own self and our own thoughts, the less we value ourselves, and by spending time alone we get to know ourselves better and to see and judge our own virtues and sins to our own standards, thus we become more dear to ourselves and our own inner-self becomes our friend.

Masculine Frame Control

There is a trait that every man needs to master, in order to call himself a man. A trait so important that not having it can cause low self-esteem, doubt, lack of confidence, or even the lack of that feeling of being a man which men get when we are in our full masculine potential. This trait, or rather a skill which can, though through great difficulty, be learned, is how to control your frame. Frame control is one of the first thing I would urge young man to learn as they begin their life journey into masculinity and adulthood. It's such a basic skill relating to the masculine virtues and being the best man you can be, that many other important skills and traits would be almost impossible to master without previously mastering this skill. Not being able to control one's frame can also be damaging to a man's mindset, since being thrown out of your frame can cause significant negative effects on your sense of confidence.

This is How You Deal With Assholes

In a man's life there are going to be a variety of discontent, malevolent, provocateur-type people who will want to put a man down, go stand in his way and if they cannot stop him he will then be a nuisance that will unapologetically try to put him off of his purpose, all of these varieties of people can be put under a single category, they are assholes. You, as a man trying to be the best man you can be, trying to reach that elusive status of the Primus, of the Alpha, you will have to deal with these assholes on the daily bases, for if you don't they will attack you and destroy everything you are trying to build for yourself, meaning your confidence, you self esteem-live, your posture, your ideals of masculinity. They are an enemy, and they have to be dealt with ruthlessly the same way a good warrior eliminates a threat.

Periodic Productivity |Know When to Push and When to Rest

Being productive is very important in order to succeed in the modern times. You're either a highly productive, driven and over-competent alpha male, or you are shit that doesn't fulfill his evolutionary role of becoming the best alpha man he can be. But in order to be productive and highly efficient, you need to know when to be productive, and when to take your time to collect your thoughts, rest and make plans, it you will suffer terrible burnout, because being an alpha male is very hard and being productive will drain your energy fast.

Daily Stretching

 I myself like to think about stretching as a form of self-massage which I use to mobilize my body, to bring life into the stiff and rigid parts of the body as well as to relax and calm my mind. Before I started doing my daily stretching routine (which you can check out at the following link) I experienced back and neck pains daily, by overworking my pecs and shoulders I ruined my posture which I later needed to fix by strengthening my back and stretching out my front torso muscles, ever since I started doing stretching as neurotically as I work out I experienced a great relief both in my body and my mind, which in turn got me into moving meditation and researching the whole concept of the wholeness and oneness of the body and mind.